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Vita Error C1 8879 2

Error may still occur from time to time if old boards is placed back in, but button hold to power off/reboot remedies it again temporarily. But nothing's wrong besides can't login. Certainly, there are better things to be writing here than romantic fantasies about the Vita, but I can't think of any because I've never had to deal with these problems. SCE_KERNEL_ERROR_ILLEGAL_ALIGNMENT 0x8002000a C1-8825-3 SCE_KERNEL_ERROR_NO_PHYMEMPART_LPDDR2 0x80024305 C1-8826-4 SCE_KERNEL_ERROR_NO_PHYMEMPART_CDRAM 0x80024306 C1-8827-5 SCE_KERNEL_ERROR_ADDRESS_SPACE_CANNOT_FIND_PARTITION_BY_ADDR 0x80024a03 C1-8828-6 SCE_KERNEL_ERROR_ILLEGAL_MEMBLOCK_SIZE 0x80024b05 C1-8829-7 SCE_KERNEL_ERROR_ILLEGAL_USERMAP_SIZE 0x80024b06 C1-8830-9 SCE_KERNEL_ERROR_NOT_SUSPENDED 0x80028035 C1-8831-0 SCE_KERNEL_ERROR_WAIT_DELETE_MUTEX 0x80028036 C1-8832-1 SCE_KERNEL_ERROR_WAIT_CANCEL_MUTEX 0x80028037 C1-8833-2 SCE_KERNEL_ERROR_WAIT_DELETE_COND 0x80028038 C1-8834-3 SCE_KERNEL_ERROR_WAIT_CANCEL_COND http://digitalfishbowl.net/vita-error/ps-vita-error-nw-2304-9-fix.html

We can't give useful answer because we never experienced something like this, hence, the Vita-tan is working perfectly for us I provided the only answer I could, but the usefulness Options Mark Message as New Add This Message to My {0} Add This Message to My {0} Subscribe to this message's RSS Feed Highlight this Message Print This Message E-Mail this Related Threads Language: English Back to Top English Deutsch Español Français Italiano ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ Nederlands Polski Português Русский Türkçe اللغة العربية Looking for something else? Because if you can do literally everything but seeing friend list and playing online, I don't think there's something fundamentally wrong with anything. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/668738-soul-sacrifice/66508566

And Soul Sacrifice is supposed to have really solid servers! Yet if I go to view my friend's list and/or play online I am greeted with one of the many constant vita errors I have been cursed with since I got ShadowStar83x View Public Profile Send a private message to ShadowStar83x Find More Posts by ShadowStar83x June 19th, 2013, 06:24 PM #25 DeepDarkDebt09 Join Date: Sep 2011 Location: Miami tomorrow.

Swapping out the board allows you to bypass this error during initial setup program. Options Mark Message as New Add This Message to My {0} Add This Message to My {0} Subscribe to this message's RSS Feed Highlight this Message Print This Message E-Mail this just happy its working fine again. Don't have an account?

I dare to object. User Name Remember Me? Sign up for free! try here Fighting was the only thing...

Also on GameFAQs...Help - Answers to the most commonly asked questions about GameFAQs.FAQ Bookmarks - Access and manage the bookmarks you have added to different guides.FAQ Bounty - Write a FAQ SCE_APPUTIL_ERROR_NOT_FOUND 0x80100605 C2-9729-7 SCE_NETCHECK_DIALOG_ERROR_LACK_OF_LIBHTTP_POOL_SIZE 0x80100c03 C2-9748-8 SCE_NETCHECK_DIALOG_ERROR_LACK_OF_LIBSSL_POOL_SIZE 0x80100c04 C2-9749-9 SCE_SCREENSHOT_ERROR_BASE 0x80102f00 C2-9780-4 SCE_SCREENSHOT_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT 0x80102f01 SCE_SCREENSHOT_ERROR_NO_MEMORY 0x80102f02 SCE_SCREENSHOT_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND 0x80102f03 SCE_SCREENSHOT_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED_FORMAT 0x80102f04 SCE_SCREENSHOT_ERROR_MEDIA_FULL 0x80102f05 SCE_SCREENSHOT_ERROR_INTERNAL 0x80102f06 0x C2-10521-9 An error has occured. [This Can't sign on either. I rebooted and now can't get back into PSN and get error 8002A548.

Advanced Simple Advanced (HTML) Preview Quote You must be signed in to add attachments   Sign in to add a comment View our house rules http://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/33806-yet-another-error-on-the-oh-so-reliable-vita/ Options Mark Message as New Add This Message to My {0} Add This Message to My {0} Subscribe to this message's RSS Feed Highlight this Message Print This Message E-Mail this and nothing is getting rid of this error, it has been like this forWEEKSand its annoying me because I am 1 trophy off from getting my New Years Platinum so I Back to top #16 Blue Flare Posted 02 January 2016 - 12:59 AM Blue Flare Ultimate Instructor.

Sign up for free! weblink Mace Windu and b0nsaa1 like this Back to top #5 Satoshi Ookami Posted 01 January 2016 - 10:50 PM Satoshi Ookami Memento Mori Premium Member 14,043 posts LocationLiberl Either Reply 0 Kudos Report Re: Error C1-8879-2 when trying to connect to PSN? And I didn't download that bloody update that is bricking ps3's.

getting really sick of this crap to be honest. Options Mark Message as New Add This Message to My {0} Add This Message to My {0} Subscribe to this message's RSS Feed Highlight this Message Print This Message E-Mail this SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_ACCOUNT_RENEW_ACCOUNT3 0x80550442 NP-2078-7 SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_ACCOUNT_RENEW_ACCOUNT4 0x80550443 NP-2079-8 SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_ACCOUNT_RENEW_ACCOUNT5 0x80550444 NP-2080-0 SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_ACCOUNT_RENEW_ACCOUNT6 0x80550445 NP-2081-1 SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_ACCOUNT_RENEW_ACCOUNT7 0x80550446 NP-2082-2 SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_ACCOUNT_RENEW_ACCOUNT8 0x80550447 NP-2083-3 SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_ACCOUNT_RENEW_ACCOUNT9 0x80550448 NP-2084-4 SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_ACCOUNT_RENEW_ACCOUNT10 0x80550449 NP-2085-5 SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_ACCOUNT_RENEW_ACCOUNT11 0x8055044a NP-2086-6 SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_ACCOUNT_RENEW_ACCOUNT12 0x8055044b NP-2087-7 SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_ACCOUNT_RENEW_ACCOUNT13 http://digitalfishbowl.net/vita-error/vita-error-c2-12828-1.html Several functions may not work.

This is due to a faulty 3G sub board on early units on low firmware (non specific to board firmware or hardware). SCE_ERROR_ERRNO_ESPIPE 0x8001001d C1-2765-0 SCE_ERROR_ERRNO_EROFS 0x8001001e C1-2766-1 SCE_ERROR_ERRNO_EMLINK 0x8001001f C1-2767-2 SCE_ERROR_ERRNO_EPIPE 0x80010020 C1-2768-3 SCE_ERROR_ERRNO_EDOM 0x80010021 C1-2769-4 SCE_ERROR_ERRNO_ERANGE 0x80010022 C1-2770-6 SCE_ERROR_ERRNO_ENOMSG 0x80010023 C1-2771-7 SCE_ERROR_ERRNO_EIDRM 0x80010024 C1-2772-8 SCE_ERROR_ERRNO_ECHRNG 0x80010025 C1-2773-9 SCE_ERROR_ERRNO_EL2NSYNC 0x80010026 C1-2774-0 SCE_ERROR_ERRNO_EL3HLT Anime List | Trophy Checklist| Project Platinum: Kiseki | Despair | J-Gems | Karige ~IN XSEED WE TRUST~ Back to top #6 Undead Wolf Posted 01 January 2016 - 10:52 PM

Please try again from the beginning.

The time now is 04:22 AM. -- Main -- PS3T-Old -- PS3T Contact Us - Archive - Top Featured News Features Reviews Previews Interviews Trophies Playstation 3 Games Playstation 4 Games He probably would have a better (and easier) time by just contacting Sony and seeing if they can help him troubleshoot his Vita. C1 Name Hex Error code Remarks SCE_COMMON_DIALOG_ERROR_BUSY 0x80020401 C1-2008-0 SCE_COMMON_DIALOG_ERROR_NULL 0x80020402 C1-2009-1 SCE_COMMON_DIALOG_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT 0x80020403 C1-2010-3 SCE_COMMON_DIALOG_ERROR_NOT_RUNNING 0x80020404 SCE_COMMON_DIALOG_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x80020405 SCE_COMMON_DIALOG_ERROR_ILLEGAL_CALLER_THREAD 0x80020406 SCE_COMMON_DIALOG_ERROR_NOT_FINISHED 0x80020410 C1-2011-4 SCE_COMMON_DIALOG_ERROR_NOT_IN_USE 0x80020411 C1-2012-5 SCE_COMMON_DIALOG_ERROR_INVALID_COLOR_FORMAT 0x80020420 C1-2013-6 SCE_COMMON_DIALOG_ERROR_INVALID_SURFACE_RESOLUTION Are you new here?

Sign in to continue I have a PSN account Sign In Welcome back! It's sad when people can't give a useful answer. Miku and Shakilrahman96 like this Back to top #9 rusty1027 Posted 01 January 2016 - 11:21 PM rusty1027 Yare yare daze Premium Member 203 posts LocationPennsylvania It's sad when people can't http://digitalfishbowl.net/vita-error/vita-error-c4-8468-6.html If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here.

Do you want to add this email account? 0x C2-14393-0 An error has occurred. 0x C2-14399-6 An error has occurred. 0x C2-14592-1 Cannot download using a PS Vita system. (opening pdf