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HELP! What caused it? For example: %%red This is red text.%% This is red text. Like shown below: # One # Two # Three Creates One Two Three If you want to write the list item on multiple lines, just add one or more spaces on have a peek here

The document numbers of the new child wiki pages will appear either in the URL field when you navigate to them by clicking the link in the Children tab in Properties, Other text independently of font size and style will be threated as normal text body. Thanks in advance. Parameters: trackerId='12345' Tracker ID, can be a Requirement/User Story or a Risk type tracker. check my site

AJQ Ahmad Jalil Qarshi Converting an "Internal datatype" to string 4 replies , 3/14/2005, 9:09:03 AM Hi, In the Task form, the field Contacts is stated to be of an "Internal can we redirect at the exchange server or is it an all or nothing situtation; that is does the entire office need to be active on the server. You can combine ratings into a Table, using the following syntax [{Table |(vertical-align:top;) [{BestContentPlugin max='5' projectId='37' entityType='WIKIPAGE' title='Best Voted Wiki pages'}] |(vertical-align:top;)[{BestContentPlugin max='5' projectId='37' entityType='FTC' title='Best Voted Forum posts'}]|(vertical-align:top;)[{BestContentPlugin max='5' projectId='37'

whether additional object attributes (e.g. There are two more settings which can be set: HighLight Recently Updated Wiki Pages: a day limit can be specified. Figure: WYSIWYG View in Wiki Edit Window Wiki Markup View Alternatively you can switch to Wiki Markup view of the editor. Next, start each tabbed section with a style prefixed with tab-. %%tabbedSection %%tab-ThisIsMyFirstTab Some text inside the first tab. %% %%tab-ThisIsMyLastTab Some other text inside the second tab. %% %% Some

There are no virii on my server, it's patched to the gills (with the exception of SP4)and I'm just at a loss where to look for any exchange issues. You can specify both the color and the maximum length of the bars. For example, to point at the official Sun Java homepage, use [http://java.sun.com], which is changed to http://java.sun.com/ or [Java home page|http://java.sun.com], which is changed to Java home page. http://www.devsuperpage.com/search/Articles.aspx?G=11&ArtID=20301 Does Excel have the ability to do what I want?

The Wiki link in the parent page will point to the non-existing my marketing page Wiki page. You can use the wiki to collaborate and to prevent communication problems. List a) b) c) will be converted to 1. 2. 3. Software Subscription and Support Average rating is 4.3 by 3 user(s).

The sharepoint was updated to SP3 with no problem. click site To export a set of pages to PDF, use the ExportWiki plugin (see Printing to PDF), or use the more -> Export Multiple Pages to PDF GUI. It has familiar word-processing features and buttons to include images and links. Issue Count By Field Plugin [{IssueCountByField}] displays the issue distribution in the current project by the Status field. [{IssueCountByField projectId='11,27' display='table'}] displays the issue distribution in two projects, in a table.

Only 1 chart allowed on a wiki page. navigate here Do not forget to use one of the wiki heading styles in the first row of body text, otherwise the handle will not appear. %%collapsebox !! Access Version 2000 DB distributed via Run Time versions John Garghan Internal Office Mail 2 replies , 7/1/2005, 1:48:06 PM We have recently set up a SBS 2000 Server in our Its children are visible under its own Properties → Children tab, and so on.

The first 2 tabs, WYSIWYG and Wiki Markup, allow edits. The document number will be assigned after the new child page has content. To associate an interwiki link with a stereotype, use: [<>|ISSUE:XXX] Where stereotype is the name of the interwiki link stereotype, e.g. [<>|ISSUE:XXX] Global stereotypes Global interwiki link stereotypes are defined in Check This Out So I suppose something related to the encoding of international characters changed from X to 2004.

But if I use International Charcters on W2004 files, they appear all messed up in the pocketpc version. Says that there is a "script error" at line 299. Parameters: title='any-text' Optional parameter to override the default title (Release Activity Trends) projectId='3' Optional parameter specifies the project (if omitted and plugin is in project context, the current project will be

VKY VKY Excel Solver Error: An unexpected internal error occurred... 1 replies , 5/21/2010, 2:17:01 PM I have a user the uses the "Solver" in Excel frequently.

Artifact Activity Trends Plugin [{ArtifactActivityTrends artifactId='1000'}] displays the number of "reads" of a wiki page or document. [{ArtifactActivityTrends artifactId='1000,1002' display='table'}] displays the "reads" of two wiki pages or documents, in a Importing Issues and Wiki Pages from RTF (Microsoft Word Documents) Importing Requirements from RTF You can create issues from your RTF document. Fix Registration Windows 2000 Professional Upgrade Repair Win2000 Bad_pool_caller 0x000000c2 0x00000007 0x00000cd4 Java Exe Windows 0xc00d1163 Condition Id 0x00000000 Spinning Blue Circle Windows Systemroot System32 Config Software Corrupt Xp The Specified The status dropdowns will be available in the header. [{ReleaseActivityTrends title='Project (3) Releases' projectId='3'}] shows the unresolved releases/sprints of the project identified by id 3 with burn down charts, and displays

You can override the default title and apply numbering (starting with 100) to the entries like this: [{TableOfContents title='Topic map' numbered='true' start='100'}] If you need a higher level TOC that covers Know what it is? You can start adding information immediately by editing it or by adding new pages. this contact form This syntax can be used also in issue descriptions to display picture attachments of the issue (ex: screenshots).

As mentioned above, the output document is in MHTML format. neto Neto international issue 2 replies , 3/19/2007, 11:09:00 AM Hi All, I use XL2003 Hungarian version. In this case, CodeBeamer performs Doc to RTF to Wiki conversion. You can extend codeBeamer's Wiki with your own plugins.

FOP limitation No implicit auto line-breaks for Asian text if there is no explicit whitespace character inserted. The property section can be reached by clicking on the Properties button near the top left. Advanced formatting Text styles Text color In addition to the simple styles represented by the regular wiki markup, we also allow you to put in your own styles. You can combine (embed) codeBeamer internal content such as reports, documents, tasks, requirements, bug and other artifacts into wiki pages.

If paragraph B has smaller heading then paragraph A, issue B will be child of issue A. Unlike many wiki implementations, CodeBeamer's built-in wiki implementation is an enterprise grade tool. Equation formulas are not supported. After the re-installation following error-messages pops up: Microsoft Excel An error occured and this feature is no longer functioning properly.

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