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Virgin Mobile Broadband Connection Error 67

Please wait a moment and try again. It seemed to work good at first. Same exact problem. The content being sent to the browser is of an unkown character set and is not recognizable by the browser. 602 MIC Error # 602: Content Error. http://digitalfishbowl.net/virgin-mobile/virgin-mobile-broadband-error-678.html

They open an “investigation”, and guarantee there will be a solution in 24-72 hours. 6. I really don t know what 2 do? I purchased a Virgin Mobile Broadband-2-Go USB device in December of 2010. SprintUsers.com Staff Forum » Archived & Closed Forums » What Phone Should I Get? » Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) » Every Sprint 3g Error Code

The browser is unable to complete the WDP message. The service you requested is temporarily unavailable. Please try again.

Sprintvistech View Public Profile Find More Posts by Sprintvistech Donate To Sprintvistech 03-21-2004, 09:07 AM #5 Sprintvistech Telegraph User Join Date: Mar 21, '04 Posts: 13 Thanks: 0 Virgin Mobile tech support starts inventing possible causes (trees, neighbor's antenna stealing my signal), but no solutions. Yes | No kyoichi.aquino said: what?. Then I was told the towers were down, over and over and over.

virgin mobile keeps only 60 days online and won`t provide

youngpork Level 6 (Expert) 427 Answers, 5 Followers 0 2 Tweet You can improvise a antenna and put So what are you waiting for? What does connection error 900 mean on virgin mobile broadband to go? - Virgin mobile broadband connection error 900How do you login to home pagefor virgin mobile broadband 3g 4g overdrive Finally I am told that there are too many people in this are who use this service and I MIGHT get a connection but there is no guarantee.

Guess what? Not to mention when I did finally test the device out to play a game of Team Fortress 2 I had severely debilitating lag, granted it was quite a bit more Sign in 2 Loading... Sign in failed.

good for you!

First of all I spooke with two different techs which neither one spoke ENGLISH so I assume I was connected to a call center in Egypt or somewhere in the desert. The first guy tried getting me to do all the reset blah blah blah...I said, look, I've been through this already. But beware, although the Internet is crazy fast under network mode, it will literally drain your data, so do not surf for too long. 4.

If this problem persists, you may need to contact Sprint PCS." Error Codes - From RFC (132) 132 Foreign Agent Failed Authentication Mobile should display "Network error. this contact form by: Anonymous Just purchased the Broadband2Go stick and installed the program with absolutely NO problem, although installation did not go exactly as the provided written instructions said it would. One say it is when my computer restarts. For the one that it does not work on you tablet or computer it may be that you did not change you internet setting to wireless broadband and to search for

I took your advice and removed the battery for 45 minutes or longer and am still unable to connect to the internet with it. Yes | No CommentReplyReport

This answer closely relates to:Sprint sierra wireless overdrive connection error 900I just bought a sierra overdrive pro from sprint and i`m having trouble hooking it up to This page has an error in the script. have a peek here Have attempted to resolve through Tech Support....somewhere in India.

Handset cannot acquire a traffic channel - This error message appears after 60 seconds of not being able to acquire a traffic channel 3000 Error Code #3000 Network timeout. It says to go to the settings to update the 3G profile, but every time I attempt to update it ends in an error saying update failed. 0 Best Answer [Deleted If this problem persists, turn your phone off, turn it on again, then retry." Error Codes - RFC 2002 (70) 70 Poorly Formed Request Mobile should display "System error.

The device is still not working, it is supposedly connected to 3G with a 20% - 40% signal but I can't load any web pages or connect to services over the

Requested Van Jacobson compression unavailable 74 Error Code 74 System error. Also i have seen a gadget in where you put in the outside window of the basement to boost signal. If you purchase this you PAY for it and still don't get service anyway. Yes | No CommentReplyReport

mike83 Level 1 (Contributor) 2 Answers 1 0 Tweet If you use a usb wireless I think you can.source: Is it possible to set

It's just an endless loop of a lying cheating corporation! Please wait a moment and try again. I will take my device which I really wanted back for a return. http://digitalfishbowl.net/virgin-mobile/virgin-mobile-broadband-error-2738.html It does not contain enough information.

They fixed it for a while. If this problem persists, you may need to contact Sprint. Aug 12, 2013 Rating Windows Compatibility by: PrepaidWirelessGuy Your experience is very unfortunate. HTTP Error 407.

It's possible that it could take some time to refresh on your account when viewed online (ex. 24 hrs). If this problem persists, you may need to contact Sprint PCS." Error Codes - RFC 2002 (131) 131 Mobile Node Failed Authentication Mobile should display Sign-in failed. So who do you really talk to?!! It is spam / self promotion.

Andrews (Account # 626 232 2922) Had problems from beginning, worked on/off for months, after a while gave up on the device. I was not able to update the firmware.Freedompop support has not been able to resolve. Oct 06, 2011 Rating This Is An Outrage by: Steve Gaines I changed computers, called tech support because the new unit would not accept the device. (She) walked me through the being in "z" state?

Go to connection manager, go to programming. Don't forget that when you call or email they will tell you you called the wrong place and give you a different number, when you call that one they say you No reply.I called again today. Make sure that the connection is established and once it is established just type the IP address of the hotspot and it should work.

I'm really angry. Sign in failed. this thing makes dial-up look like lightspeed technology. If this problem persists, you may need to contact Sprint PCS." Error Codes - RFC 2002 (128) 128 Reason Unspecified Mobile should display "Unknown error.